Simulation in Minutes

Meet GURU. The autonomous system that drives expert workflows in software. Radically reduce the time and expense it takes to bring your ideas to life.

GURU Features

GURU Features

Interactive AI

Intuitive interaction through text, speech, sketch or gestures, on the device of your choice. Desktop, smartphone, VR, you name it. Work seamlessly with your team on projects.

End-to-end procedure learning

GURU’s hierarchical AI learning engine pre-trains skills agents on complex workflows. A growing list of software titles is supported, from Unreal Engine and Blender to OpenFOAM.

Multi-platform deployment

Run your jobs on commercial cloud, one at a time or thousands. GURU supports multiple cloud vendors; you are in control to balance the speed versus cost of your deployment.



Increased Productivity

What if we could capture the most specialized skills in a system to hyper-enable anyone in the world? 


Geometry Search & Synthesis

Create or modify complex geometries by simply describing or sketching them. Produce high-quality, accurate models.

Simulation & Analysis

Intuitively define accurate parameters, boundary conditions and material properties. Automatically identify trends and patterns in the data.

Virtual World Building

Bring high-fidelity virtual environments to life in no time. Build a diverse range of realistic scenarios and training situations.


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