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Computer Aided Engineering

The Department of Energy and NASA have both recently identified a need to make it easier for most workers to use CAE, and leverage HPC to do it:

"Computational Science has become the third pillar of science... Despite the great potential ...HPC has been underutilized ...hurdles remain for wider adoption especially for small and medium sized manufacturing and engineering firms"

The solution to this problem must: "minimize user intervention...single engineer/scientist must be able to conceive, create, analyze, and interpret a large ensemble of related simulations in a time-critical period (e.g., 24 hours)...full automation is essential."

We came up with GURU to fill this need.

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Energy Efficiency & Management

The latest IPCC report makes an obvious call for energy conservation:

We are far from achieving 100% renewable energy, and demand continues to increase so maximizing efficiency is a must. The industrial sector consumes approximately one third of energy in the US, and very little has been done to implement energy efficiency. We are developing GURU capabilities to address the reasons why, and maximize adoption of efficiency measures.

The California Energy Commission and Department of Energy have both recently identified the importance of solving the expertise-barrier to Energy Efficiency:

2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) found three quarters of employers reported difficulty hiring qualified Energy Efficiency workers.
CEC 2017: lack of expertise or personnel to pursue energy efficiency endeavors in the industrial sector

GURU can deliver expertise to every plant operator