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Wed Sep 01 2021

MSBAI Was Chosen For $1 Million Contract To Enable USAF To ‘ECreate Before You Aviate’

MSBAI, an Air Force Techstars 2020 company, has been selected for an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract in the 20.3 cycles, in which they will adapt their GURU cognitive AI assistant to support the Air Force’s digital transformation.

USAF Announces New Priority for Simulation

Air Force acquisition chief Will Roper released a new report entitled “Take the Red Pill: The New Digital Acquisition Reality” making an urgent call to “eCreate before you aviate,” and the implication is that simulation has just been given a radically higher focus than ever before 

Air Force Selects GURU for the AVATAR Program

Cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) assistant developer MSBAI has been selected for the US Air Force (USAF) AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract in the 20.1 cycle.

MSBAI Unveils Glimpse of Human-Computer Symbiosis Future at SMC2020

MSBAI, an Air Force Techstars 2020 company, unveiled new technology developments of their cognitive AI assistant GURU, at the Smoky Mountains Computational Sciences and Engineering Conference (SMC2020), hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Big Compute 2020 talk: Engineering Superpowers in the Cloud

“There is this amazing cloud infrastructure available and it is just waiting to be taken full advantage of. We also have amazing engineering software to run in the cloud... 2020 is this incredible time where super powerful cloud computing is actually affordable.” - Allan Grosvenor, CEO of MSBAI (Techstars '20) at Big Compute 20.

MSBAI Plans a New Future of CAE Business with GURU

Hello MSBAI GURU Community! We are in an exciting phase of the company, building an incredible team to bring the next version of GURU to our customers. At MSBAI we will highlight our talented and passionate team members periodically, and now is a perfect time to introduce our new Advisor in Business Development, Joshua Fredberg. We are drawing from Josh’s exceptional experience to improve the sophistication of our go-to-market plan, and align our strategy with new opportunities where we can seize the greatest advantage. 

USAF’s New Strategy for Future Tech

Key takeaways from Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics — at Air Force Techstars 2020 Demo Day:

The MSBAI team is growing!

Hello MSBAI GURU Community! We are in an exciting phase of the company, building an incredible team to bring the next version of GURU to our customers.

GURU Partners to Help Engineers Harness Simulations with AI

MSBAI, an Air Force Techstars 2020 company, has signed partnership agreements with Numeca USA and Siemens Digital Industries Software for computer aided engineering (CAE), and cloud high performance computing (HPC) platform leader, Rescale.

Air Force Awards Contract for GURU to Put the Simple in Simulation

MSBAI, an Air Force Techstars 2020 company, has been awarded an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 1 contract to examine integrating the GURU technology to Air Force applications.

Air Force Techstars selects MSBAI as One of Ten in 2020 Cohort

An Air Force-affiliated technology accelerator on Jan. 24 named the startups chosen to participate in 2020, the third group since 2018. The “Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstars” program picks small businesses that offer products that can benefit troops as well as a broad swath of the commercial market. Those companies get exposure to military customers and larger defense contractors, and speed the time it takes to nab a government contract.

Masten partners with MSBAI for AI-Augmented Space Flight

"We're excited about our new partnership with MSBAI and what we can do with GURU to take us to the next level of pioneering spacecraft operations with minimal terrestrial crews"

GURU Highlighted in HPC News

Their solution known as "Guru" is poised to make supercomputing much more accessible, especially to engineers in small to medium sized businesses that do not have the same resources or expertise as large corporate entities.

MSBAI CEO Allan Grosvenor published a new article in Hacker Noon

We're passionate about bringing expertise to engineers as a service, and the article explains why!  Check it out at:

MSBAI was selected by the Cleantech Open 2018 Acceleration Cohort

LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator) runs the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program, Cleantech Open. Since 2006, Cleantech Open has worked with over 1,300 early stage cleantech innovators, helping them develop their business models, engage investors and secure first customers…

MSBAI begins project at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing facility

Intelligent ‘Middleware’ designed to achieve the next leap in human-computer productivity…